KVALB company had been established in 1991 by Luboš Kvaček, who is still the only owner. The well cordinated team of 20 employes is ready to deliver your cargo across the Czech Republic or abroad.

What we offer:

  • a prompt reaction on your request,
  • longtime experiences, responsibility and professionality,
  • we provide transport of your goods in declared schedule and conditions to a place of destiny,
  • ensurance of your goods,
  • high standard services for an adequate price.


We provide services in the field of both domestic and international goods on-road transport, including domestic goods forwarding with use of modern transport vehicles (more informations in the chapter CAR FLEET). Our company is listed in RAAL.cz register. Most of our tracks is equipped with mobile phones and satellite navigation systém. So we can guarantee the control of both vehicles and goods in real time and for the all time of the transportation.

Our company also performs service and repairs of motor trucks. All in range of costumer's demand. In our company is also able to rent a personal car. We also carry on our own petrol station.


Our vehicles conform to environmental standards EURO. All vehicles are equipped with mobile phones so that their position is real time controled. Dispatching can therefor guarantee solving of any trouble. Transported goods is ensured including risk assurance. Vehicles equipment and drivers training correspond to all law requierements and branch standards.

Car fleet consists from modern motor vehicles. Semi-trailer trucks and semi-trailer complets of Mercedes Benz brand, IVECO and LIAZ. We are also able to manage transport of goods with lower tonnage vehicles.


Longtime cooperation with:


Luboš Kvaček - KVALB Transport Company

Poličská 1685, 539 01 Hlinsko

Czech Republic

Tel.: +420 469 311 729

Tel.: +420 739 451 351

Fax.: +420 469 311 366

E-mail: kvalb@hlinsko.net

IČ: 40100286

DIČ: CZ 5705251266